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Welcome to KatDic Cooks!

Me, dreaming about the things I’ll make in CHM114

I’ve been cooking for about as long as I can remember. My mom says I would watch her cook dinner as a tot and she thought I might as well learn. I love it.

One of my biggest struggles of transitioning to college has been not being able to cook. I actually ended up buying cookware and I’ve been getting grocery deliveries to try out new recipes on new friends.

This blog follows my college cooking journey in a Kitchen Chemistry class (my chm114 tag) and hopefully eventually including my personal cooking experiments as I continue.

In my class, we focus on Italian food, which I love, but in my personal time here I’ve so far made beef stroganoff, oven-baked mac and cheese, and vegetarian, gluten-free coconut milk curry. I can’t wait to try more new recipes on my friends, especially because one has a gluten allergy and another is vegetarian. Hopefully my chemistry class will give me the tools I need to tackle those cooking challenges and more.